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jasri surfing beach

Jasri beach is one of the beach which has the potential to become a surfing destination. The beach located around 1 hour and 20 minutes from the city of Denpasar to the east. It located further away from the tourist center of Candidasa. If you are staying in Candidasa then further 20 minutes to the east you will get to the Jasri Beach.

This beach located on the next turn right from the white sandy beach of Perasi better known as the Virgin beach. Just follow the road surrounded by coconut vegetation then by the end of the road you will find yourself at Jasri Beach. If you feel lost just as the villager for Jasri beach and they will be happy to guide you.

Like most of the east Bali beach area, the beach of Jasri also covered with small and big volcanoes black rock. This beach has a black beaches with some of the most fantastic view of mountain range in the north and also great waves.

Jasri Beach is located East of Candidasa and if traffic is good you'll be there around 20 minutes. It isn't difficult to find since the signs are really easy to spot.

When coming from Candidasa just follow the main road until you eventually come at a junction. Turn right here and follow the small street surrounded by vegetation. At the end of this street you'll find youself at the beach.

Jasri beach is one of those beach in Bali which suitable for surfing. The best thing about this beach is not many surfers knows about it. If you feel like having the waves for yourself then this is the beach for that. Though some of the days there are many surfers especially locals surfers and some Japanese surfers found riding the waves but the number is still low.

The waves here comes from thr right which is suitable for beginners and experienced surfers. Just mind you step when entering or exiting the beach as its very rocky which can cause minor injuries.

Jasri Villas

1 Bedroom Villa

1 bedroom beachfront villa1 Bedroom beachfront villa in Jasri beach Bali suitable for honeymooners or romantic getaways.

Beachfront Villa

Aashaya villa jasriVilla Aashaya Jasri
Aashaya jasri is one of the accommodation available around the beach of Jasri. This beach accommodation is perfect for surfers to enjoy the waves of the Indian ocean.

Villa Aashaya Jasri

Villa Agung Jasri

villa agung jasriLocated around the village of Jasri, this beachfront villa has remarkable views of the beach and at the same time the mount Agung at the back.

Villa Agung Jasri

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