Sight Seeing Near Jasri Beach

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Jasri beach is a secluded beach, but holds the potential to become a charming tourist spot. One of the tourist attraction of the beach Jasri are waves that can be used for surfing. Like the previous Kuta beach became famous in the world because the waves are targeted by surfers from all over the world and so is the beach jasri will be the same as Kuta beach.

Although the Jasri beach is far away from Denpasar today but in the future if adequate transportation increasingly available then it will diminishing the barriers of distance. This will cause the Jasri beach will become one of the tourist island of Bali in the next few years. Besides having a charming waves Jasri coastal area is also very beautiful. One of them is a stretch of rice paddies sprawling at the village off Bug Bug with mount Agung as the background. Expanse of verdant rice paddies can be seen perfectly from the height of the hill. Bug bug hill is a place where it can be done.

Looking at the expanse of verdant paddy fields as far as the eye can see is very soothing. Bug Bug Village is a place where there will be a major project where one day this area will be built a golf course with a beautiful sea view, also with views of rice fields. Photos of Bug Bug paddies in the village can be seen below.

Bug Bug rice fields

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In addition to a paddy field in the village of Bug Bug, close to the beach of Jasri there is also a beautiful beach, the virgin beach. I do not know the origin of this name but the villagers call this beach as the white sand beach. The beach was discovered by passing through a rocky and a little muddy road when it rains, but upon arrival over there you will forget what you've encountered before. The beach is very beautiful. white sand, blue sea water, surrounded by lots of coconut trees. Perfect beach!

Virgin Beach

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Jasri Villas

1 Bedroom Villa

1 bedroom beachfront villa1 Bedroom beachfront villa in Jasri beach Bali suitable for honeymooners or romantic getaways.

Beachfront Villa

Aashaya villa jasriVilla Aashaya Jasri
Aashaya jasri is one of the accommodation available around the beach of Jasri. This beach accommodation is perfect for surfers to enjoy the waves of the Indian ocean.

Villa Aashaya Jasri

Villa Agung Jasri

villa agung jasriLocated around the village of Jasri, this beachfront villa has remarkable views of the beach and at the same time the mount Agung at the back.

Villa Agung Jasri

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